VAS 5054A

VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.

VAS 5054A is the VW AUDI Skoda Seat automotive workshop specify diagnostic tool.

Version: VAS 5054A V19 New Highlights Multi-language available. Add new car models Bentley and Lamborghini

VAS 5054A diagnostic system include VAS PC Software and VAS Tester interface


VAS PC Software Version:
VAS PC V19 - 2012 New version

Multi-language available
VAS PC Language:English/Germany/Russia/Spanish/Czech/France/Dutch/Portuguese

1. Control ECU model 
2. Read codes 
3. Clear codes 
4. Component test 
5. Basic adjustment 
6. Read measuring data 
7. Single-channel data 
8. Control unit coding 
9. Self-adapt matching 
10. Loge in 
11. Set service code 
12. Chassis No. Transmission 
13. Expert system (This system offers the exhaustive original maintains information, such as circuit diagram, element position, bulletin of technical service, disassembly paper and kinds of accurate technical parameter and so on.It can also lead repairman analyses fault from face to inside, inquire, till obviate the fault according ti the reading fault code or phenomenon input.)
14. Tracking & maintain latest auto through up-grade in time 
15. OBD-II diagnosis

Testable Systems:
1. ECS (engine control system)
2. Transmission control system
3. Brake Control System
4. Diesel pump control system
5. Safety bag
6. Anti-skid Control

Compatible Vehicles
The vehicle protocols are handled directly in the VAS 5054A.
Supported The following vehicle bus systems protocol : 
K line (ISO9141-2) 
High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2) 
Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3) 
J1850 (SAE J1850)

VAS Tester

The diagnostic system can easily access the VAS 5054A via Wireless bluetooth or USB.

Access via Wireless bluetooth:
After the connection to the VAS Tester 5054A has been established, the Bluetooth software program provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The VAS PC Diagnostic System uses this COM port to communicate with VAS 5054A.You have to define this port when you install the diagnostic application.
The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, desktop PC or test system.
The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection is 5 to 10 meters, depending on the environment and the Bluetooth adapter used on the PC side.
The Serial Port Profile (SPP) is used for data transfer via Bluetooth. Different Bluetooth security levels are supported.

Access via USB:
You can even connect VAS Tester 5054A to the application PC by using the USB cable. Windows detects the VAS Tester 5054A via Plug and Play, then automatically installs the drivers copied when you installed the diagnostic application. Setup of the VAS 5054A is then complete.